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how We Start

As an expert in Human Resource Management, we have been involving in the professional service of providing local/foreign workers for about 10 years. We believe that our workers are very dedicated to their job.

Through our systematic process, any local or foreigners will be filtered through background checking. We hope that we can help many more organization in increasing their job effeciency when they outsource thier HR to us.

What We Offer

We offer discipline, skillful and commited workers to your organization.

Discipline & Organized

Our workers are very discipline and faithfully listen to their supervisor's orders.

Skillful & Experienced

We can provide workers with skillsets that you need for your operation.

Commited & Hardwordking

Our Workers are very hardworking in their assigned task.


After Event Cleaning

This is a clean-up after events, which can range from small to large scale depending on the size of the venue.


Post Renovation

The amount of dust left behind at the site can be overwhelming but we are able to clean your surrounding place clean.


Move In

Let our top rated maid help you with larger cleaning job for moving in, moving out cleaning and spring cleaning.

woman cleans in the kitchen. concept of cleanliness

Weekly or Fortnightly

Book our ongoing weekly or fortnightly maintenance cleaning services and never be worry about general chores again.

Male hant hold plastic mop and wash dirty ploor closeup background. Professional cleaning concept

Occasional Cleaning

This one off general cleaning service offers a helping hand when you are busy having busy periods.

Get Your Free Consultation

If you have trouble in managing the local or foreign workers, please consult us so that we can help you for free in your first consultation.

What Our Clients Say

High Pro Resource is very particular in workers selection. We really recommeded their service.
Web developer
The workers are very commited to the job. Good Service.
Office Manager
Recommend to use their service. They are very professional in their work management.

Our Achievement

Total Workesr SUpplied

We Provide the Best HR Service in Industry​

Do not hesitate to ask any question regarding HR to us. We are very happy to help.

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